Empowering Reluctant Bible Readers to Connect and Create Relationships with God

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5 Options for Powerful Daily Prayers

5 Options for Powerful Daily Prayers

Do you find it hard to pray in your daily life? Prayer is so necessary for us remain connected with God.  I struggled with prayer…well, I thought I struggled. I didn’t realize there was a time that I was praying without ceasing. The only thing was, I was only...

3 Ways To Know How God Is Communicating

3 Ways To Know How God Is Communicating

I used to wonder how people knew when God was communicating with them. I just never felt like I was getting messages that I could truly identify were from Him. I know He wasn’t to blame.  It was about the effort I was putting forth which was pretty minimal. There...


To build a community locally and worldwide that engages, connects, encourages, creates, and edifies women.

Core Values

Biblically-based Research – Learn from God and godly educators

Integrity – Godly actions

Love – Love my neighbor

Respect – Respect for myself and others

Peace – Try to live in peace with all people

Hope – Hope even in hard times

Courage – Courage to share God’s word


Empower reluctant Bible readers to connect and create lifelong relationships with God.