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Changes Tablet

“A fast-paced and ultimately uplifting family drama.” – Kirkus Review

Shanale is a beautiful college student who makes all the wrong choices, including dating married men. Niesy is a single mother who is struggling to take care of her 3 children, work two jobs, and maintain a relationship with her deadbeat live-in boyfriend. Kai is a happy teenager with a promising future until she meets Christian.



Shanale is pursuing her successful career and falling in love with a new man, though she has a sneaking suspicion her past is not yet done with her heart. Niesy is planning her dream wedding to Derrick while also helping Kai transform into the independent woman she dreams of becoming.

In the final book of the Changes Series, Shanale, Niesy, and Kai face the ultimate test. One may not make it out alive. In this heartbreaking and heartwarming conclusion, the women find out what it takes to live the lives they were meant to live.

My story is coming!

There were times I felt that God had forgotten about me. I found that His love surrounded me even when I was turning away from Him. I hope it blesses you as much as God has blessed me.

Coming October 2020