I have enjoyed this study on hope!

My hope is that you have been encouraged by it. 

I just wanted to send something positive your way to let you know that God is still on the throne.

His love for us is unfailing.

We may not always understand what He’s doing, but we have to trust that He knows.

When we are looking for comfort in suffering, we have to look to Him.

He has all of the answers. 

I’m ending the study with more encouragement. 

#1 God’s promises preserve us

God’s promises are to protect us. Hold on to His promises.

His word says it, so I believe it. 

Trust God for His protection.

#2 God is working things out for us

It may seem like things will never get better, but they will.

Even when we are in pain, God is working out the situation for our good.

Our hope should increase because of that.

#3 God’s eyes are on us

He sees us. He knows us. God is watching over us.

I think about a child and their loving father watching over them.

The father knows when to act and when to let the child explore on his own. 

That’s how God is for us.

#4 God is going to finish what He started

God has started a work in us. He’s going to finish what He started. 

He doesn’t give up on us. He knows His creation and He knows that we stumble.

He is with us!

Again, I hope these plans have helped you find more hope.

Here are the plans for the week. All of them should only take about 15 minutes (for those just getting started) and longer for those who already know how to study. (It is important to note that it is a necessary part of growth to study each book of the Bible as a whole to get God’s full message. Don’t always read one verse and not learn about the context that surrounds it. As you grow spend time reading a chapter a day, at least.) 

Plan 1 – Vocabulary Study

  • It may seem trivial to look up words that you know the meaning of, but there are times when I come across an “everyday word” as I read and I feel the need to look it up. So many times there is new meaning when I view it in the context of scripture. One simple definition can bring new insight to what I’m reading.
  • I will give some suggestions, but if a word stands out for you, use your own of course. This is about you and your relationship with God. This is about what He’s speaking to you. 
  • I will also rewrite the word adding the definition of the word I look up. You would be how powerful that can be to understanding the word.
  • I just want to give options just in case you don’t have your own.

Day 1

  • Vocabulary: comfort, preserves
  • Daily Reading: Psalm 119:49-50 NIV
  • [49] Remember your word to your servant, for you have given me hope. [50] My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life.

Day 2

  • Vocabulary: purpose
  • Daily Reading: Romans 8:28 NIV
  • And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.    

Day 3

  • Vocabulary: fear, unfailing 
  • Daily Reading  Psalm 33:18 NIV
  • But the eyes of the LORD are on those who fear him, on those whose hope is in his unfailing love…

Day 4

  • Vocabulary: confident, completion
  • Daily Reading: Philippians 1:6 NIV
  • being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.
Cross in hands

Plan 2 – Scripture Writing

  1. What is God saying to you through the scripture?
  2. Write the verse and ask God what He wants you to understand.
  3. Read the verse multiple times to get an understanding.
  4. Write what you learn?
  • Day 1: Psalm 119:49-50 
  • Day 2: Romans 8:28 
  • Day 3: Psalm 33:18
  • Day 4: Philippians 1:6 

Plan 3 – S.O.A.P

  • S.O.A.P is a Bible study method used to study scripture. With this study you can focus on one verse or more. I’m not sure who started this method, but it is a popular way to study the Bible.  It will help you get started if you’re a Bible Study beginner. 
    • S – Scripture – Prayerfully write the scripture. Ask God for understanding.
    • O – Observation – What is God telling you with this scripture? What stands out for you? (1-2 sentences or even words that stand out)
    • A – Application – How can you apply this to your life? What will you do to apply it to your life (1-2 sentences, or more if you are a “journaler” like me.)
    • P – Pray (Pray about the verse. Ask God to help you with applying the verse to your life.)
  • Day 1: Psalm 119:49-50 
  • Day 2: Romans 8:28 
  • Day 3: Psalm 33:18
  • Day 4: Philippians 1:6 

*Scripture taken from the Tecarta Bible.


The best place we can find hope is in God. 

He loves us and He is with us. 

Put your trust in Him. He will guide you. 

He will finish the work He started in you.

I have enjoyed studying hope with you!

I hope that after these four weeks of study you feel more encouraged to seek God and learn about Him.

If you need the other weeks, here they are: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3.

I look forward to talking to you soon. 

If this study has helped you in anyway, please let me know.

If there are other studies you want to do, please let me know.

Until next time!

God loves you family, and so do I! – CL