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Do you find it hard to pray in your daily life?

Prayer is so necessary for us remain connected with God. 

I struggled with prayer…well, I thought I struggled.

I didn’t realize there was a time that I was praying without ceasing. The only thing was, I was only telling God about my problems. 

God deserves to be praised! Wouldn’t you agree?

So, when I found some of these prayer strategies, I knew that they would change my prayers to where my focus was on God and not on me. 

That’s Who it’s all about.


Yes, we can go to Him and ask Him for what we desire, but we should also thank Him before we do.

Yes, He knows He’s the King of kings, and Lord of lords, but it doesn’t hurt to tell Him.

There are so many ways to approach God in prayer. 

The Bible tells us to pray without ceasing. In other words, we should not stop praying.

We should tell Him how amazing and awesome He is.

Sometimes we will just need to go to God informally because life is just that way.

But, when we are in our daily prayer time and can use some structure, these 5 prayer strategies could be helpful.

#1 The Lord’s Prayer

This is definitely the prayer we are to use as a model.

Jesus showed us on many occasions how to pray.

If you don’t know where to find this prayer it can be read in:

  • Matthew 6:9-13
  • Luke 11:2 – 4

How can we go wrong using a prayer that Jesus prayed?

When I don’t know what to say, I read this prayer and it says everything I need to say.

How powerful is that?

There’s no work to do. We just say the words that have already been written for us.

But when we say them it should be with our whole hearts and gratefulness to God.

#2 A.C.T.S

Most of the time, if you create an acronym for something that will help me a lot.

A.C.T.S is one of those acronyms that help me when I pray daily.

It stands for:

  • Adore – We should adore God for His goodness, His mercy and His grace toward us.
  • Confess – We should confess our sins, our hurts, our grief and whatever ever else we need to say to God. When we confess them, that opens up the door for Him to forgive us, to heal us, to help us find peace in our own world, in our own space.
  • Thanks – This is where we practice gratitude. What are we thankful for in our lives? We should thank God for it.
  • Supplication – What are we in need of? This is the time to ask God for it.

I first saw this on Pinterest and I really liked the idea of it. But, it was when I participated in prayer with a local church that I realized the power in this prayer strategy.

#3 P.R.A.Y

This is another acronym that helped me learn to focus my prayers. 

I learned it from Priscilla Shirer’s book, Fervent.

It is also a powerful option for prayer that is focused on God.

The letters are:

  • P – Praise; which is very similar to the A in A.C.T.S
  • R – Repent; it of course is similar to the C in A.C.T.S. We are confessing and repenting.
  • A – Ask; it is like the S in A.C.T.S. We are asking God for what we need. 
  • Y – Yes; She says to pray with the scripture. If it’s one of (God’s promises) repeat it back to Him in prayer. If He promised it, He will do it. If He doesn’t do it, He will change our perspective about it. (It can’t be one of our own promises we made up. It’s must be God’s promise).

#4 Prayer for Different Areas of Our Lives

I also learned this from the book Fervent.

She has some very specific areas of your life that you can pray about. Some of the areas are your peace and your family. 

She has others and if you’re looking for a book on how to pray with power, this is a great book.

The areas she lays out are so important for us to be able to live successful Christian lives.

I really enjoyed learning to pray and it helped me see how I was missing key places in my life to pray for.

Prayer Journal

I use a prayer journal to keep track of who I should be praying for. 

It works so well for me. 

I hate it when I forget what someone asked me to pray for, so now, I write it down. Or, I record it in my phone so that I can write it down later. 

My prayer journal keeps me organized in prayer too. 

I’m not saying, I just go through it mindlessly.

I’m actually interacting with the God while I write. 

Sometimes I come to a name for the second or third time and I will add emphasis to the prayer for them if I feel led to do so. I may add a new note.

I really want to be active when I’m praying in that book.


In a way, I use all of these in my prayer journal.

My prayer journal is actually a notebook that I use and it’s separated in specific areas of my life. 

When I use it, I think first about how I’m going to worship Him.

The first section in my journal is for praising God and adoring Him.

Then I have emergency prayers.

After the emergency prayers, I pray for myself, my husband, and our marriage.

I pray for my business.

Then each day from Sunday to Saturday, I pray for important parts of my life. 

  • Sunday – My Pastor and my church
  • Monday – My family
  • Tuesday – My friends and my growth groups from church
  • Wednesday – Other churches, locally and around the world
  • Thursday – Those who are not saved, those who have turned away from God
  • Friday – Government
  • Saturday – The World

I’ve learned these strategies from watching others discuss how they pray.

These were the ones that were important to me. I believe they cover everything.

I just want to be in contact with God as much as I can.

I can tell when I’m losing my connection with Him.

I’m also learning to sit still during my day. This is something that I’ve talked with a lot of people about.

Stillness takes so much practice. Sometimes I find myself falling asleep. 

I was really upset with myself when that happened, but I believe the Holy Spirit calmed me and let me know that it takes time.

It’s worth it and anything that is worth having, we all know how to finish the saying… it’s worth fighting for.

I hope that these prayer strategies were a refreshing addition or reminder for your prayer life.

Which one do you practice, or which one will you try?

Let me know in the comments.

I look forward to hearing from you!

God loves you family, and so do I!  -CL