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I used to wonder how people knew when God was communicating with them.

I just never felt like I was getting messages that I could truly identify were from Him.

I know He wasn’t to blame. 

It was about the effort I was putting forth which was pretty minimal.

There were times I would read the Bible and not get anything from what I read and for some reason, I was okay with that.

There were other times when I wanted desperately to hear from God, but I didn’t take time to really read.

I just started thinking, maybe not everyone can hear from Him.

I was wrong! So wrong!

God can communicate with us anyway He pleases. We know that.

But I’ve seen some specific ways in my life that He really does communicate.


This is a big one for me. I guess my number is three.

I’m not saying there is a “magic” number. I’m just saying when I am asking God for direction, this it how it usually happens for me.

When I realize I’ve heard or seen something repeat at least 3 times, God is showing me something. 

I realize, I need to stop and pay attention.

For awhile it was happening often, but I missed it a lot. 

I learned about God speaking through repetition in Priscilla Shirer’s book, Discerning the Voice of God: How to Recognize When God Is Speaking. 

Before I read this book, I hadn’t realized there were true ways to recognize when God is speaking. 

She actually points out 5 different ways. 

Now, I really feel like God is communicating with me and it makes me want to know Him more.

I want to strengthen our relationship and be in constant communication with Him.

Typewriter- Letter from God


This is also another way that God has communicated with me. 

It’s another way that is mentioned in her book too.

There are times when I will write something in my Bible Study Journal before I read. I just write what’s on my heart. 

Then when I read for that day, God will speak to me through His word.

These are not the times when I may be looking for certain scripture. 

I will give you an example: My church has been reading the New Testament all year. 

Sometimes I get behind on the study (because I may be doing too many studies at a time).

So in deciding to catch up – after I have written in my journal – the passages that I read would be just the guidance or answer I would need that day. 

It would speak to just what I was going through at the time.

I know that’s God communicating with me.

I never think of it as coincidence.

This has also taught me not to condemn myself if I get behind. I try not to anymore, but I do love the confirmation that God wants to communicate with me. 

The Nudge

The nudge has also been a way that I have experienced God communicating with me.

This one is kind of hard for me to describe.

I don’t feel a physical pushing.

It’s much stronger than a “gut” feeling.

It’s knowing that God wants me to do something but not being able to really express how I know.

Have you ever said, “I don’t know how or why I know something. I just know.”

That’s kind of how a nudge feels. I still don’t know if that’s the best way to describe it. 

But the best way to see if a nudge is really from God is to check it against His word.

One of the biggest things I felt God was nudging me to do was to leave the classroom. 

It took me two years to actually acknowledge that was what He was telling me to do.

After three years, I finally did it.

I wanted to make sure that I was really getting that message from God. 

I know that God has called me to teach others, but as my husband always asked, “Did He say you’re supposed to teach in the classroom?”

God knows that I love kids. So when I was getting the nudge to teach, I thought naturally it would be in the classroom.

I believed I learned so much while I was in the classroom.

But God has another way for me to go.

So, I pay attention when I believe He is nudging me to do something. 

I pray about it and I look for Him to confirm it through His word and I also look for instances of repetition.

I’ve really learned what to look for.

Woman in field praying


I want to be in constant communication with God. When I feel that connection it makes so much of a difference in my life.

I want to be the person that when God says “Go!”, I go.

For someone with “new item and new idea syndrome”, meaning I want to buy when I see a new item, or when I get a new idea, I want to try it right away.

It’s just so important that I make sure that I’m doing what He’s telling me to do.

That’s why I look for repetition and confirmation.

It has been my experience that confirmation will come from the people of God too.

Someone may say something in response to what I had just prayed.

Have you ever had that happen?

I have really been excited about God communicating with me.

Keeping that connection is so important to me. 

How has God been communicating with you lately? Share in the comments.

I look forward to hearing from you!

God loves you family, and so do I! – CL